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Company name
Legal status and registered capital
Simplified joint stock company – Registered capital: 426.000,00 Euros
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Manager’s first name
Head office
Zone Industrielle de Ruitz – 690 avenue Charles Pecqueur
Offices/Commercial premises
Zone Industrielle de Ruitz – 690 avenue Charles Pecqueur (D188)
03 21 68 52 50
03 21 68 02 52
Intra-Community VAT.
National Business Registration Number: SIRET No

General conditions of sale


1. Unless otherwise stipulated in our correspondence, our contracts and sales are -without exception, subject to the general conditions stated below, which cancel and replace any printed or handwritten clauses featured in all letters or documents by our purchasers or contractors. These general conditions apply both to the deliverables supplied in our name and on our behalf as well as to those supplied by us and on behalf of sub-contractor or other third parties.


2. We are only bound by commitments which may be made by our representatives, agents or any other delegates of our company subject to the proviso of written, validly signed confirmation being issued by our company. Therefore, no order is final unless it has been expressly accepted via a numbered, signed acknowledgement of receipt issued by the company.


3. Please note that the prices and information featured in our catalogues, prospectuses and price lists may vary. Our company reserves the right to make any amendments without prior notice. Only written offers are binding.


4. You are hereby reminded that our customers’ orders are not systematically subject to a written confirmation, so long as the conditions in force on the day of the order apply. However, in the event of any amendment to the price or terms and conditions, we will provide written confirmation. In this case, only our written confirmation will be considered valid. Should the purchaser fail to present his or her observations within 8 days of receiving this confirmation, it shall be considered to have been fully accepted and, in the event of a dispute, shall prevail over any other stipulation whether in our initial offer or the purchaser’s order.


5. In the case of additional deliverables, the prices and deadlines are discussed specifically with the purchaser and the conditions featured in the initial order may not necessarily apply to the additional business.


6. The manufacturing timeframes are provided as an indication only; any delay does not entitle the purchaser to cancel his or her order, reject the goods, or claim compensation. The company cannot be held responsible for any extra delay incurred if the purchaser amends his or her order, in the case of an incompletely defined order or in the event of force majeure including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, war, labour disputes or any other major event beyond the company’s reasonable control.

7. Any order that is ready for delivery or that remains uncollected after a period of 3 weeks running from the date the customer has been notified, will be invoiced.


8. The invoices are drawn up upon delivery at the agreed price. Any advance will not give rise to a discount. Any delayed payment will be subject to a penalty calculated at a rate equal to the official rate, raised by 5 points. Recovery costs resulting from an extension to the deadline will be borne by the customer. Non-payment of an instalment will automatically leads to all of the remaining balance being payable and the discontinuation of deliveries. We reserve the right to require guarantees at any time, during and after the execution of an order.


9. In the absence of cash payment, we expressly reserve the right of ownership over the goods delivered until full payment of the price for them. Failure to pay a single agreed instalment will immediately render the rest of the debt we are owed payable along with any other outstanding debt yet to fall due, without there being any need for formal notification or any formalities whatsoever. Furthermore, should we deem fit to do so, and based on prior notification by us without any further ado, this will lead to automatic termination of the sale of all goods delivered and not yet paid for. Lastly, it authorises us to suspend or cancel the contracts or orders under way, without prejudice to any other legal action.


10. Notwithstanding the ownership retention clause, the risks are borne by the purchaser from the moment the goods leave our factories or warehouses, even when the prices are indicated ‘with carriage forward charges paid’. We cannot be held liable in the event of damage, breakage, ullage, lateness, theft, fire, etc. occurring to the goods during transport and on the purchaser’s premises, nor are we liable for damages to goods in transit because of weather conditions namely sub-zero temperatures. The purchaser or the recipient should only accept the goods after having made every arrangement, within the legal timeframes, enabling the rights of the parties in relation to the carrier to be protected. The stipulations above are valid when the transporting is done on the order and on behalf of the purchaser and, in this case, the place of delivery is indicated by the purchaser. The goods are approved once and for all upon departure from the factory or warehouse.


11. a) The dimensions, weight and shades are provided as an indication only, without any formal guarantee on our part.

11.b) As our products may vary, we will not be able to guarantee their exact compliance with any samples that may have been submitted.

11.c) Our goods are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. In order to avail himself of this guarantee, the purchaser will have to inform us in writing of defects that have become apparent.
– The disputed goods must be stored in a warehouse by the purchaser until such time as they are checked by our services.
– The purchaser may not refuse to accept the goods on delivery, nor use them, nor return them without our authorisation.
– Our guarantee is limited either to reimbursement of the invoiced price, or replacement of any incriminated goods.
Any request for a cancellation of the order or claims for damages is excluded, regardless of the reason.

12. Specially made to order goods must be collected immediately. They will be invoiced and may not be refused.

13. Only the Commercial Court of Arras -in whose jurisdiction the Administrative Head Office is located may settle any litigation resulting from the implementation of the general Terms and Conditions of sale,: under no circumstances may the place of delivery and the method of payment for the goods determine the choice of Law Courts and this, even if third parties are involved or if claims are made under the warranty.

14. We reserve the option of amending our Terms and Conditions of sale without prior notice.